Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Colorado Springs Teen Court! This program relies heavily on the support of its student and adult volunteers. Without the continued dedication of its volunteers, Teen Court would be unable to function.



As a student, you will have the opportunity to participate on Peer Panels and hear the cases of teenagers who have pled guilty to misdemeanor offenses. After hearing their stories and the circumstances behind the crimes they've committed, you can then take part in producing their sentences based on the concepts of Restorative Justice. Rather than focusing on punishment and retribution, all of Teen Court's sentencing options are based upon accepting responsibility and taking accountability for one's actions.

In addition to Peer Panels, Teen Court also hosts Trials conducted by trained student attorneys in front of real judges and magistrates from the 4th Judicial District and Municipal Court.  The student attorneys also have the opportunity to work with local lawyers who act as mentor attorneys during the Trial process.  Student volunteers can also act as bailiffs during Teen Court Trials.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a student volunteer with Colorado Springs Teen Court, be sure to check out the student section under the volunteers tab.




As an adult, you will have the opportunity to act as a case manager for Peer Panels (each panel has an adult presence in the room). The primary role of the case manager is to ensure that the questioning stays on point while maintaining order and professionalism in the room. In addition to becoming a case manager, Teen Court is always in need of mentor attorneys to provide assistance to the student attorneys during Trials. A background check conducted by an outside agency IS REQUIRED for all adults volunteering with Teen Court. A fee of $25.00 must be paid to Teen Court to process the background check. Please fill out the Criminal Records and Background Release form at the end of this application and submit it to Teen Court.



For further information on becoming an adult volunteer with Colorado Springs Teen Court, be sure to check out the adult section under the volunteers tab.



If you are a loss prevention specialist,retail store manager or associate, you have the unique opportunity to participate on a Community Impact Panel. These panels provide a dialogue between teenage shoplifters and members of the community to share their stories and personal experiences. The goal of Community Impact Panels is to establish an understanding that shoplifting affects more than just a faceless company - it affects the employees, the prices of the merchandise, and in the end, the community as a whole.

For more information on participating on Community Impact Panels, be sure to check out the Community Impact Panel section under the volunteers tab.