2017 Annual Luncheon Celebrates Success

On April 13, 2017, 500+ Teen Court supporters, volunteers, and community members came together to attend our Annual Luncheon and learn more about what Restorative Justice looks like. Hosted by Katie Pelton of KKTV Channel 11, two former defendants shared their experiences with Teen Court. 

Generous sponsors El Pomar Foundation, Heuser & Heuser, Johnson Kush P.C., James L. English, P.C., Salt Mediation Services, LLC, Penrose St. Francis, The Gazette, and Classic Homes, as well as our generous bootstrappers who donated at least $350 to help with up front expenses. 

Mentor Attorney and 2016 David William Enoch Award Winner Michael Lassota, along with Volunteer/Operations Director Erick Groskopf, presented the award to Mentor Attorney Roger Wertheimer. Former Executive Director and winner of the 2016 Founders' Award delivered an incredible speech before naming Karin Agee as the winner of the Founders Award. AAFES was awarded the Commitment Award. Staci McCormack and Cynthia Redfern discussed viewing youth from a new perspective in an eye-opening presentation. 

Hundreds of attendees listened to Syncere as she spoke about what it had been like coming into Teen Court as a defendant and what sitting in front of her own peers was like on the day that she was sentenced. Kamil spoke about what his Teen Court experience was like and how, even after he has completed his sentence, he is still attending classes with Jeremy from Colorado Motion. Both Syncere and Kamil discussed what it was like being arrested, what their consequences were at home, and how going through Teen Court has led them both to becoming student volunteers for the program. 

Vice Chair of the Teen Court board Dr. Christopher Linski spoke on behalf of the youth we serve on a daily basis before we premiered Colorado Springs Teen Court: The Movie (2017). 

Be sure to join us at next year's luncheon! 

You can find a snippit of the luncheon, courtesy of KKTV, by clicking HERE