M*Power is a two session class. The first session is presented by a police officer who has a passion for helping at-risk male teenagers between the ages if 10 and 14 to change their behavior. This officer had a rough childhood and wants male teenagers to have a good role model who can relate to the current issues that many deal with in life.

The second session is presented by a former convict that has a passion to help at-risk teens change their behavior by helping them realize what life is like – both in jail and after being released from prison or a youth detention facility

The panel covers a variety of topics including:Officer Jackson Andrews

  •  Thinking errors
  •  Decision making and goal setting
  •  Anger management/violence
  •  Gang prevention
  •  Healthy relationships
  •  Choices                       

M*Power is a dialogue between the officer or former convict and the panel of offenders. Attendees will be expected to participate in the two two-hour classes and answer a series of written questions relating to the experience.